It is quiet simple.
In our homepage there are 3 text boxes. In the first one you can enter any address you want.
After submitting the address you will get the SP string. For example, if you enter the address 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC 20500 and you will get the string F37ZBLF8.
Furthermore: You can get this string even without the location address or in case there is no address for the location.

For example if you dont know the address or your location happens to be in the midst of an high road unknown to you, or if in middle of a forest or in the midst of the vast ocean you can use the second text box.

You just have to enter in the second box the latitude/longitude data. For example, entering the data 40.757936, -73.985496.
The outcome would be the string E3CO1MIS. This location is actually the Times Square in New York.

the third text box should be used in the event which you want to convert the sp point to an address or latitude/longitude data which you can find on the map.

The same can be achieved by link or URL. Consistent to the previous example of the whitehouse address, pressing on or on will result with the white house or Times Square. E3CO1MIS