SomPoint is a method to locate every point in the world using only 8 characters.
You can convert every address and point on earth to only 8 characters.
Every string presents 23X23 meters. The string of 8 characters will identify the point Up to an accuracy of 12 meters.

For example, the address of the White House is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC, 20500.
Converting the address to SomPoint would give us the following 8 characters F37ZBLF8.
Vice versa, if you are given a string of characters and you want to know the address all you have to do is connect to our homepage and find the location by writing the string you were given.
You can also find the address which the string represents by surfing to

This method was invented by elisompo in 2014. The method was filed as a provisional patent in the USA and a patent will be registered within the next few month.
Putting sompoint to use: the primary use is to locate any place in the world using only a very short string. you can then inform others of this string thereby identifying the address without having to use full lengthy wordage such as was used until now in the traditional manner of identifying a location.
We hope that in the future the SP will substitute the traditional mail address. Sending mail or a parcel to address F37ZBLF8.123 will route the letter or parcel to a specific person in the white house.

For example, 36 degree latitude is represented by character F and 45 degree longitude is represented by character 4.

Within this area, 1,111.1 X 1,111.1 KM, point 10 is represented by H3 this area is 30.8 X 30.8 km

Point 20 is represented by BS and and the area is 857 X 857 meters

Point 30 is represented by 8G and the size of the area is approximately 24 X 24 meters.

The 8 character outcome F4H3BS8G reflects a GPS coordinate and represents an area of 24 X 24 meters.
The method was registered in the USA as a Provisional Patent.